It has been a long time, but Rosuto.com is finally back. This is the fourth iteration of Rosuto.com and by far the best one yet. The website has gone through an entire overhaul. Goodbye to the old scripts (though I do miss the falling snow and blinking lights) and hello to HTML 5. Yep, that's right, a futuristic coding to scheme to go with a modern layout. What does that mean for you the viewer? Most browsers are not currently running the latest HTML5/CSS3 coding. So while most of the website should work, you will be missing out on the visual awesomeness. In the future I will do a post comparing some Internet Explorer 9 and pre-10 screenshots. For those of you who do not have Windows 7, I highly suggest using FireFox or Opera (maybe even Chrome...) because Internet Explorer 10 will not be out for Windows XP/Vista.

Ok, enough with the technical garbage. I had been mulling the idea of bringing this website back but I just never had a reason until now. I want to have a place to write my thoughts. I thought facebook would be that place, but the character limit was annoying. And it was just plain annoying losing everything in a mess of what everybody else is doing throughout their day. Not that my friend are annoying, but if I wanted to write a 2,000 character message, I would probably annoy them. So here I have freedom to do just about anything I want. So on top of being able to write articles, I can also setup a media gallery for photos and videos.

Now I'm still not finished. The color scheme is still being worked out, just too much white space for me. The media pages are still being added and video probably won't be up for a little while. I have been spending a lot of time optimizing the web pages to make sure they load quickly but everything still looks great. For example, I have decreased refresh times from 2.4s to 0.1s. Yes, I'm very proud of myself :-) Hopefully everything comes along quickly so I can get to adding content.

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