What does Rosuto mean?

Rosuto is Japanese for lost.

How did you make this website?

I use a variety of means. Usually taking something made by someone else and turning it into something that suits what I want. I also build things up from scratch.

Why doesn't ______ work?

As of right now, my best guess is because I'm not finished with it. Another possible reason is because your browser is not up-to-date. I have built this website using css3 and html5. But if you want, please contact me and I will check on it.

Why is x misspelled?

It happens a lot, the world is an imperfect plact

When is the next update?

Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. I could be busy, no electricity, or many other excuses I can make up. But hopefully soon there will be one.

What is coming next?

Color Scheme: I kind of like it, but think it might need to be tweaked.
Media: Need to create a page that displays pictures.
Also need to decide on a video format. HTML5 is coming out but some people won't be able to play those due to having old computers.
Updates on the go: Right now the only way to do updates is to go through and manually update each and everything. Would be nice to just add text and hit submit one day.
Fixes: Broken links, search button, facebook and twitter link, yadayadayada...... I have a lot to do still

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