Rosuto.com was born in 2004 out of a random want to have my own website to do whatever I truly wanted. Thats the great thing about the web, you can just let your imagination run wild. Since that time, this website has under gone four revisions, running everything from html, xhtml, css, php, java, flash.... you get the picture. But it has been amazing learning process. In 2007, after one of my computers blew up, the website went back into the darkness. But I have seen the light, atleast facebook has shown it to me (hahaha). My complaints of the restrictions that facebook has put on their website has led me to reinvigorate this website once again. Each iteration has been about me, and once again, this website will be about me. A place to learn new things. A place to write my thoughts. And a place to share my life.

September 2011

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